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Northern Ireland artificial grass
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Northern Ireland artificial grass

Residential Grass

Easigrass™ are one of the world's leading artificial grass companies and have witnessed the fast rise in popularity of sythentic or artificial turf for residential use. Don't just think about back gardens, there's an extraordinary wide range of uses for this versatile product.

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Back Garden

Artificial grass is a perfect solution for all back gardens. It looks lush, feels great and is always green, whatever the weather. But it absolutely comes into its own if you have children or pets - the end of muddy footprints being brought back through the house.

Northern Ireland artificial grass

Front Garden

Many people find the front garden a particular pain to look after - dragging a lawnmower through the house every week of the summer, bashing the paintwork as you go... and every day delayed you can feel your neighbours looking disapprovingly at you!

Northern Ireland artificial grass

Sports Garden

Getting your kids out of the house and excercising in the garden is key to their healthy lifestyle, but muddy back gardens don't provide much encouragement for them, or for you. With our artificial grass sports gardens we can create a mini football or cricket pitch in your back garden.

Northern Ireland artificial lawn


If you're lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden, or planning one, you'll be concerned not just about the asthetics, but about the safety of your kids. With Easigrass™ artificial grass we can surround the pool with a soft, padded grass carpet than will protect anyone slipping or falling much better than a grey slab of concrete.

Northern Ireland artificial grass


Brighten up your patio with a lush green artificial grass. Quick and easy to install, it has a much warmer, comfortable feel than concrete or stone slabs, and can be washed down just as easily.

Northern Ireland artificial grass


Easigrass™ can turn a grey old balcony into an oasis of luxury - in fact several London restaurants have revitalised their dull outdoor balcony spaces with our products.

Northern Ireland synthetic grass

Play Area

The Easigrass™ 25mm Easi-shockpad underlay has been creted to protect children from a 1.3m Critical fall! Safety is always paramount in a children's play area when there are climbing frames around.

Northern Ireland synthetic lawn


Bring new life to your terrace is easy with our artificial grass products. We can install it quickly, neatly and professionally.

Northern Ireland artificial grass

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